What is the Foundations of Multicultural Bridge-Building Certificate Course?

The Foundations of Multicultural Bridge-Building - Gracism in Life & Leadership Certificate Course is a three hour, self-led, online course that equips you to bridge the deepest divides of color, class, and culture in your personal and professional environments.

In this course you will engage with 10 dynamic video sessions, personal reflection worksheets, and additional training resources.

This course is based on the Gracism framework, which uniquely promotes a positive approach for building healthy multicultural environments and addressing the painful legacy and reality of racism in our world.

This approach is:

  • Actionable - it gives you practical steps you can apply to your current context right away.
  • Personal - it is an integrative lifestyle approach that will grow your impact throughout your lifetime.
  • Organizational - it is a leadership approach that will help you create flourishing multicultural environments.
  • Proven - it has been implemented in corporations, non-profits, countries, and even families to create positve change across the deepest divides.

Gracism Course

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What You'll Learn

This foundations course will give you the framework, action steps, and confidence you need to bridge divides of color, class, and culture in personal and professional environments.

Throughout this course, you will cultivate the knowledge and skills to:
  • Create environments where those in minority groups are valued and experience a genuine sense of belonging
  • Build an environment where differing ideologies do not result in divisive conflict
  • Answer common challenges that polarize our society
  • Create a common approach to building diverse environments that does not demonize or exclude those in the majority
  • Implement the Gracism Framework through the strategic use of "The Eight Sayings of a Gracist"

This course brought to you in part through a grant by the Truist Foundation